Lyserjunks is a collective born in Melbourne, Australia to provide a pure experience with top notch artists. It is responsible for organizing many artist tours, parties and festivals like the first noise poison festival (Australia, 2009). Absolutely awestruck by the fast-paced beats and melodies, the crew wanted to curate an entire experience inspired by fast music. This thought led to the inception of “Spirit Gust”, an event which solely focuses on hi-tech style of music.

The very first edition of spirit gust hit the shores of goa in 2011 with some of the best names in the scene. The one-night event quickly developed into 3-day festival in its next edition and ever since. Slowly but steadily people started supporting and liking the music which they haven’t heard before. 4 subsequent editions followed in goa, and recently, last year’s edition had shifted from Goan beaches to the beautiful hills of south India, Kodaikanal. Our dedicated fanbase believed in us and made our previous event a huge hit. You guys helped our dream become a reality and we are ever grateful for that. Humbled by the response received we are planning something which shall leave a massive crater on the dancefloor.

We welcome you to our primary stage, and we like to call it “Lyserjunks Stage”. Lyserjunks has always been a synonym to hi-tech style music in India. As mentioned, our primary stage will be the main spaceship for the event, taking people on a really fast ride, etched with thumping basslines and synchronized patterns at jet speed, this stage promises to transcend you into realms far away from your imagination. Fans of fast music are in for a treat. We have cutting edge producers and finest artists showcasing their music amidst a completely stellar stage set up by Neural Network and a laser sharp visual journey by Alien vision. We will be having an exclusive Dark Prisma label night with close to 20 hours of music from the Argentinian masters and some acts from labels such as Kamino records, Deviant Force to name a few.

We believe dance has the power to heal, and it has been proven since the inception of dance music in goa. We decided that we shall have a tribute for the music we have evolved from, we wanted to get back to the origins. Having said that we welcome you to our secondary stage, and we like to call it “Roots Stage”.

Originating in the early 90’s on the shores of goa, dan=ce music has been continuously evolving ever since its inception, we would like to take some time and effort and invest into the roots stage, to remind everyone why and where this culture started. This stage is all about taking you back to where it all started and help you understand why. This stage shall take you on a specifically curated journey with handpicked artists to create the magic we want you to experience. An intricate stage setup by Neural Network, and Binary fragmentation shooting photons onto the stage, we will be having a night of Vantara Vichitra taking us deep into the realms of forest and twilight sounds, also as Parvati records celebrates its 20 th anniversary, we have a night dedicated to the most legendary record label known to us.

To complete the festival experience we planned just what you have in mind, we will have a flea market selling all types of accessories, festival clothing, Visual Art, alongside food stalls specifically picked to cater to multiple cuisines including Chinese etc.