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Goa Gil and Ariane - 24 Hrs Ritual (13th Jan) - Day 1

If anyone's been in the trance scene longer than Goa Gil, it would be hard to name the person. Gil has been releasing albums since the early '90s, but his love of the region of Goa and its spiritual practices goes back to 1969.

Kamino Records Showdown!

Kashyyyk is Pablo Valdés from Mexico. He started playing guitar when he was 14 years old and through the years he became a professional of this noble path. In the year 2000, he had his first contact with the Psychedelic Music scene and since then, he started to produce under his extremely popular project, 'Kashyyyk'!
His unique and distinctive sound, described by Mushroom Magazine as “fast, dark and twisted, but with humorous and even light moments shining through”,[]( has fueled the psytrance dancefloors worldwide since 2004.
Created by Audiopathik & Zombie Scream
Zombie Scream is Aaron Lopez from the desertic Sonora Mexico. Growing up in a musicians family, he has always been influenced by many kinds of music. In 2008 he started to produce his own music, creating a very powerful and psychedelic sound. Aaron is currently working on his album which will be released on Kamino.
DeV is a DJ/Producer from Hyderabad, India. Presently with Kamino Records, Mexico.
Mezcalito is Jose Narro from Mexico City. He has been actively contributing to the psychedelic scene since the very first beginnings when the movement was blooming in Mexico City. Mezcalito sets are oriented to a more hitech/ciberdelic sound which can go from slow to high bpms. Not so long ago around 2016 Ikari was born with a different musical approach which can be identified within the forest genre.
The musical style of MAYA delivers a seriously mad & heavy Hi-tech storm for you ears, which won't let you stop dancing!
High BPM Psychedelic Hi-Tech DJ at Kamino Records
André Penalva, is the name behind the project 'Mimic Vat'; an eletronic music producer natural from Lisbon, Portugal. Started to produce in 2008, and with his live-set debut in 2011, it's an hitech project with a wide range of bpm, structure, harmony and sound-design techniques.
High BPM Psychedelic Hi-Tech DJ at Kamino Records
Spiral is the Musical Master Plan of Shahveer from Bombay/India ,Created in early 2006.He Specializes in Psytrance Music with a combustion of Innovative arrangements,Visionary Designs and Euphoric Landscapes.
Directly from Austria Vincent Janssens better known as Kaikkialla is a big Hitech producer.
Fright Rate is a Psychedelic Trance project from Cape Town, South Africa. After years of experimenting with audio manipulation, the resonance of fast paced hi-tech psychedelia has become his recognizable sound. Now proudly representing Kamino Records.
Calabi Yau is emerging as one of the top producers in the genre; definitely someone to watch for in the future.

Alice-D Records Showdown!

As to describe the Dark Whisper's soundscape, the use of both analogue and digital instruments are used with a psychedelic influence fusing with ethnic cultures and frequencies to activate inner states of memory consciousness allowing the listener to explore the cymatic body, mind and spirit tuning, while conveying a message to the humanity on the whole.
Necropsycho was originally created in 2003 in partnership with his friend Hermann. Having influence as Goa Trance, Experimental, Hardcore, Industrial (EBM), Drum n Bass, Rock n Roll, Folk, Tribal and Ethnic Ancestry songs. Thereby creating a personality in its own digital compositions can thus manifest and achieve the most diverse affections of the soul through sound.
Ogoun is the Project between Dark Whisper and Necropsycho, founded in 2010. After long experience in psychedelic music the two composers created the style of Ogoun
AlpsCore is a project based in the tyrolean alps, Innsbruck. He was born and grew up in Italy, trough his educational background of electrical engineering and djing on partys around europe, he learned to love electronically produced music. In 2015 he startet out with the live project AlpsCore. Since there he is always trying to improve in quality and music knowledge to produce fast brutal experimental music on high quality. All that with the goal to bang peoples head with beatiful and hard music. The AlpsCore project is supported from Alice-d Records, STZ Records and Psyko Active.
It is with great pleasure that I present to you the music of Darkophonic Temple !!! Darkophonic Temple is the psytrance project of Hamed Sorrayya aka Surya Demah. Hamed is a Darvesh, following the tradition of Pir Shams (aka Keshav Puri Multani Baba). I have known Hamed since a number of years now, he a mindblowing traditional Sufi Musician, and he also produces, as you will hear in this festival ,some very special Persian Psy Trance Dance Music !!! Welcome to the Darbar of Darkophonic Temple !!! Enjoy and Be Blessed !!! Har Har Mahadev !!!
Dayana’s sessions are great stories, with BPM evolutions that take her listeners on incredible twisty journeys. She also has a project with her close friend Djane Psynonima called Dark Chocolate, which is a combination of deep and dark with energetic hi-tech.
SawShield is a project from Susheel Reddy from India. In 2006 susheel started his journey in music as a DJ, soon developed his interest to dark music & hi-tech. Since then he has been playing in many beautiful locations and venues around the world. His sharp, heavy and crushing sounds will leave our minds in the deepest state of trance. In 2018, he started his first compilation series VA- Locura Oscura 1,2 and 3.
Primitive Sound is a project initiated by Dinesh Kumar Raman of South India. He was first introduced to the world of instruments at the age of 14, this new found interest led him to be a part of various rock bands by the age of 18, at this time his ever growing thirst for new sounds steered him to the eclectic world of psychedelia.

Also Featuring

Pyrokine is a Funky / Melodic hi-tech project found by Aravind from Chennai, India. He was originally introduced to commercial music by his father who was a music composer. He started producing music for short films and internet series. Later he started experimenting with high speed music and psychedelic sounds, developing a taste for psytrance, resulting in the birth of this project.
Time is a man-made Language and Bpm's are just Numbers,,,infinite beats for immortal beasts..
(First Time in India) Pastor John is the label co-owner and artist at ZuluTunes and is the head clergyman of a one-man-religion, a religion of fat bass, razor sharp leads and psychedelic mayhem. Expect an array of unusual and original soundscapes, high BPM's and suspenseful adrenaline. Amen.
Logic Psycho is a music project from the deepest depths of beautiful Austria. The project describes snapshots of emotional states and enriches itself with different approaches to psychedelic music. Behind the project is Andreas, a young dude who lives between forests and fields using control voltage and gate signals to create his own reality.
Harsh - Lunatic Alien
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